Timingset set BMW M52, M54, M56

Timingset set BMW M52, M54, M56
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BMW Double VANOS Camshaft Alignment Tool M52TU M54 M56 6-cylinder engines utilized from 1998 onwards, Include:
1) (ref.#116150) Alignment Jig: Adjusting plate for setting valve timing on engine with double Vanos.
2) (ref.#116180) Sprocket Assembly Jig: Use for preassembling secondary chain sprockets with chain on camshafts.
3) (ref.#114220) Rigid Chain Tensioner: Use to tension primary chain.
4) (ref.#113292) Chain Tensioner Lock Pin: Locks chain tensioner during timing.
5) (ref.#113450) VANOS Compressed Air Connection: Use to pressurize the single and double Vanos unit when checking or removing and replacing.
Applicable: BMW 6 cylinder engine: M52TU (1998-2000), M54 (2001-2004), & M56 (2003 to present).), M54 (2001-2004), & M56 (2003 to present).


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